Another Beautiful Home Staged in Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Guys!

I am so excited to show you another beautiful home staging project we recently did here in Phoenix, Arizona. A big “Thank You” to my client Pam (Realtor) and Reed (Owner) for asking Revitalized Designs to stage this beautiful home!

As I show you the Before and After photos of this home staging project, I am also hoping to demonstrate the significance of staging a home and its true effects on the Buyers who view staged homes either online or in person.

I’m sure you have all heard the saying that a Buyer makes their first impression within the first 10 seconds that they step into a home. That’s not a whole lot of time! I will have to say, though, the 10 seconds also applies when they are viewing your home or listing online too. These days we are all pretty internet saavy and most of the time the Buyer will look online BEFORE they even go to see the home. So, wouldn’t you want to make it count?!

Let’s take a look at some of the Before and After photos of our recent staging. I’d love to hear your opinion …. Do you feel that the staging made a difference?

So here is the living room. As gorgeous at it is, most Buyers would be intimidated with the shelving and not know how they would fill up all that space. Of course, with the electrical outlet in the center, you are to assume that a television will occupy that space, but what goes on all those shelves?

Having this room staged has now helped the Buyer with ideas of what they could put on the shelves should the home become theirs. As you can see, by adding furnishings and decor to this room, we have also brought it to life with a little bit of personality.

Now granted, the photo taken of the “Before” of this master bathroom was while the home was still under construction … so the mirrors were not yet in place at the time. Again, you can see that this is still a beautiful bathroom with the glass enclosed shower and that gorgeous contemporary bathtub. But it still needed more ….

By adding some color with mint green towels, elegance of the flowers and light touches of decor, the once empty and cold bathroom transformed into an inviting and spa-like getaway that every Buyer would dream to own.

At the front of the entrance there were two rooms. On one side was this room with double doors. While the other side had an open area which made it ideal for the dining room. I pictured this room to be the perfect place to create and stage a private office space.

I added a desk, a small rug, a large wall clock and a tall tree with desk accessories and … BOOM! A lovely home office space that any Buyer could see themselves utilizing.

If you would like to see the video of this home staging, please visit my YouTube Channel by searching Revitalized Designs or follow this link. Remember, if you want to see more home stagings, interior decorating, reorganizing or DIY tips, make sure you subscribe and click on the notification bell! I hope you enjoy the video!

So you see, home staging plays an important role in selling a home. Even the most beautiful home presents a cold and empty feeling when it is vacant with no furnishings. Staging a home will:

Provide beautiful photographs for the MLS (which, remember, will be the first place that your Buyers will look);

Create a warm and inviting feeling for your Buyer’s first impression; and

Provide your Buyers ideas in decor or design, should they decide to buy it!

Of course, in addition to all of the above … more importantly, staging a home will justify your asking price, increase the value of the home and get it sold faster!

What do you think? Does staging a home matter? Do you see the difference? Are you attracted to the homes that have great photos on MLS?

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