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    In today’s blog, I want to share with you some of my favorite Amazon finds.  I think it is safe to say that many of us shop at Amazon, especially these days when it is difficult to go out and shop.  Besides, Amazon literally sells EVERYTHING under the moon that you need or want, easy delivery and easy returns, so …. Why not?  I have an Amazon package at my door almost daily – anything from necessities including dog treats, dog food, bottle water to things that are fun, electronics, beauty … and on, and on and on!

    Disclaimer:  Although I am an Affiliate for Amazon, these are things that I chose to order and am recommending them to you because I actually use and love them.  The links associated with the products may provide a commission and will aid in supporting my blog.  Of course, you are always welcome to search these items on your own, but should you decide to support my blog, I thank you in advance!


    First up is this incredible bargain of FIVE readers in the pack!  Ever since I had my Lasik eye surgery almost 10 years ago, I have had to wear readers … like all the time!  They fixed my far away vision, but, unfortunately, they took away almost 25% of my near vision.  As I’ve gotten older, well, that took some more of my near vision away too!  I started out at about 1.25 readers and these are now 2.0.  What do I love about these?  They are lightweight, huge so they are great at covering a good amount of my peripheral vision, and there are 5 pairs!  If you wear readers … you KNOW how nice it is to have a pair EVERYWHERE!  I keep one next to my nightstand, my end table in the living room, one in the kitchen, one on my vanity and one for my husband (so he won’t keep taking mine!).  Perfect … that covers all 5.  I will say that they aren’t super durable, but if you go through readers or lose them like I do, the price is perfect to get 5 pairs.


    Next are these wooden mason jar lids.  I love my mason jars, but if you don’t use them specifically for canning, the metal lids are a pain.  One, there are 2 parts to them, and Two they get rusty if you don’t wipe them immediately after you wash them.  These wooden lids are really nice!  Besides the fact they look great in your pantry, they are functional and have a solid seal on them to keep things fresh. They come in both the regular and wide mouth size.

    A couple more accessories to add to the mason jar, especially if you like to use mason jars as drinking glasses, check out these adorable and durable mason jar jackets.  The one I use is for the wide mouth 32 oz jars, but they do have other sizes and they also come in a variety of colors – I chose the gray because everything is gray these days.  These are really nice since the jars can get slippery when condensation builds on them and these jackets help to have a better grip on the jars.

    As we all try to start in reducing waste and save our planet – I’ve gradually converted many things in my kitchen from paper or plastic to glass. This not only reduces waste, but also saves money! These glass straws are a new addition to my kitchen and I love them. These work really well when you use them for smoothies.  They come in the straight design as well as the bent tip design.  This particular set comes with 4 of each design and 2 cleaning brushes. That was my first question – how do I clean these when you get smoothies stuck in the middle? … well, they got that covered! All this for under $10 which is a really great deal! 


    Love, love, love these leopard headbands.  I haven’t worn headbands since I was pregnant with my first child … ummmm …. almost 30 years ago!  But I used to like them a lot.  I just haven’t found any that didn’t give me a headache because they were too tight on my temples or those that fell of the back of my head.  Well … until these!  I like the subtle pattern, they come in a pack of 3 and all neutral colors which literally go with anything.  The price is great and the quality, so far, is holding up pretty well.  I rate these 5 stars because they are so comfortable that I actually forget that I even have them on.  I wear them constantly.  Great for those days that you don’t feel like washing your hair, or wear a hat!

    I will add a couple other headbands that I got and this particular style of headband seems to be more popular. I like these too.  These velvet and pearl headbands are so classic. I chose the neutral set of black, beige and gray.  They are the colors I wear most often so they work well for me.  Again, great price, comfortable and a little fancier with the scattered pearls.

    I’m going to go one step further in the fancy department with this velvet, beads and black crystal headband.  This headband is so beautiful and can be worn either casually or for a special occasion. My only negative on this headband is that it is a little heavier than the other headbands. Still not enough weight to give you a headache or fall off, just that you notice them on more than the others I mentioned above which are much lighter in weight.


    So excited to move into my next category …  Doggies!

    OMG!   Let’s talk about this adorable doggie sweater!  I got this for my little Mischa. 

    She is a 5-pound Maltipoo.  In the winter time she gets so cold so I have purchased a few sweaters for her and, of course, she looks adorable in most of them, but when I saw this one … it’s super cute!!  She looks so “bougie” without paying the price for the REAL thing. These sweaters are made really well and come in all sizes up to an XL.  She actually wears a small and it fits her perfectly!

    One last great find on Amazon for the fur babies are these Fruitables Pumpkin and Blueberry doggie treats.  My dogs love these and I feel good about giving these to them because they are all natural with nothing added.  I have read so many great benefits of pumpkin for dogs including immune booster, control parasites, better digestion, great for their eyes, skin and coat … and so much more!  Of course the blueberries are good for them as they are for us as an antioxidant.  They actually smell good enough to eat!  I just have to say  “who wants a blueberry treat?” and they go crazy!  I just found out they have other flavors and I decided to order the pumpkin/apple.

    I hope I introduced you to some new things that you have not seen before. Check out some more Amazon finds on my newest YouTube video.  I have some more organizing and Fall/Holiday décor ideas coming soon so stay tuned!

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