Does Home Staging Work?

The question that Real Estate Agents and Homeowners often ask is . . . .

“Does Home Staging Work?”

It has been three years since I started Revitalized Designs and I have transformed many homes from BLAH to beautiful after staging.  I have seen homes on the market for months and then selling them in less than a couple of weeks after it has been staged.  There is one thing that I am certain . . . .

Yes!  Home Staging DOES Work!

At first I thought what is the big deal?  Clean the home, put away the clutter and you’re good, right?  Not exactly!

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to do all of those things, but there is more to it.  What you are trying to do, as you stage your home, is create a “feeling”.  Here’s an example of a dining room in a vacant home:  How do you FEEL when you look at this photo?

Pretty sterile, huh?  Granted, there are many Buyers out there that can actually look at this room and say: “Oh, my dining table would fit perfectly in there” — “I can even put that beautiful wall art, my sister gave me last year, on that big wall to the left!”

BUT … there are more Buyers out there that look at this room and ask: “Will our table even fit in there?” — “I don’t have anything that would work on that big blank wall!”

It is amazing how staging can transform a room instantly.  Here’s that same room after it has been staged.  [If you’ve been on my website or are following me on Facebook, you probably have seen this photo often.  I think it shows a lot of what staging can do to a room.]  As you can see, the staging has created a very warm and inviting “feel” to this dining room by adding color, greenery and a few pieces of furniture.

Note that there really isn’t a lot of furniture or decor in this area.   It is important to understand the difference between staging and decorating.  It is not about the number of “things” you put in your stagings.  We will go into details about that topic in a future blog.

So in staging a room or area, the main objective is to capture a warm and inviting FEELING of the home to the Buyer.  If they feel welcome and comfortable, they can then envision themselves living there, which is probably how a lot of us felt when we purchased our home(s).

Staging definitely makes a difference (as you can see above) and as many statistics show, it definitely works.

Thank you for visiting us — I look forward to any comments or questions!!

Happy Staging!


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