Hello 2019! The Longest Intermission BUT I’m Back!

Hi Friends!

Happy New Year! I know it has been awhile since I posted a blog (okay, like an entire year!) but I am back and ready to bring to you new ideas and inspiration in home staging, interior decorating, organizing and DIY projects.

You may or may not know, I have started a new YouTube channel (I don’t have my own URL yet because I am new, but when I get it, I will be sure to post it). You can find me by searching Revitalized Designs in YouTube or go to this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQBvHmzib55c6Va8-Eb-gQ. I have to say, I am having a lot of fun with this but the truth is … vlogging is a lot of hard work! I had no idea!! I have definitely gained an enormous appreciation for all YouTube vloggers or vloggers in general! I do have a few kinks that I need to iron out and a very large learning curve to overcome.

First of all – I am super camera shy. I am working on that because at the present time my videos are tutorial-ish and I try hard not to even be in it. My goal? I want to be able to just be myself and face that camera. I’ll get there, so please be patient with me. If you know me, you know it is going to have to come out some time! Secondly – You actually need to know some technical stuff to vlog! I am learning a new program to edit my videos, adding animation, sound, whew! Not to mention I have never videotaped anything so that’s all new stuff too!

Either way, I will overcome these obstacles and in the interim, I am so excited to bring to you guys visuals of the things I write about and am so passionate about. I have a ton of DIYs that I want to share, home staging and interior decorating tips and ideas as well as my craziness in organizing and labeling … EVERYTHING!

So with that “re-introduction” as I start 2019 in full force … TODAY I want to talk about a fresh start for 2019! I think we all look at a new year as a time to hit that refresh button. Whether it is to start a new diet, a new fitness or exercise plan, or maybe reorganize our finances and budget – the new year is always a good place to start!

New Years in my house means a full-fledge cleaning, decluttering and purge frenzy! I know, my daughter hates that word “purge” too. I go from room-to-room and really do a thorough inventory. It is amazing how fast and how much we can accumulate in one year! I am using the closet as an area of example in this blog, but you can incorporate this “process” in any part of your home – garage, kitchen, office, etc.

There are three things that you will accomplish with this process:



Decluttering and purging an area, let’s say your closet, for example, will create the space and freedom to see things more clearly. This process takes a bit of time, because you will try on everything … yes, everything! This would be the opportunity to remove things that: (1) no longer fit; (2) you anticipate to get back into “some day” but haven’t in over a year; (3) may no longer be in style; or (4) maybe even still have tags on them! There may be items that you can’t decide – my thought is, if you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are that you won’t be wearing it any time soon. If it is still hard to remove it, I would suggest the “backward hanger method”. I actually saw this on Pinterest. Hang the item in your closet on a hanger that is backwards … after 6 months if you have not removed it and it is still on the rack backwards then it is time to let it go.

Once you remove these items, you can easily sort your clothes in whatever way that works best for you. I typically have my tops sorted from sleeveless to long-sleeves on the top rack, and then my shorts, skirts to pants on the bottom rack. You may want to sort by work and casual or even by color (lights to darks). Again, whatever works for you. The final outcome will be an amazingly organized and clutter-free closet space! The best thing about doing this will be the fact that when you view your closet, you know that everything there will be what you like, what fits and what you love to wear! In the end … this will save you so much of that time that you sit staring in your closet trying to decide what to wear!


After you go through your unwanted items that you haven’t used in the last year (or more), why not donate it to various charities, churches or shelters? Think of how good you will feel helping those that are less fortunate in having a warm sweater or coat that you no longer want or wear. That saying is so true: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Of course, for those items that are either new, are still carrying tags or your higher-end items (that you may want to try to get some of that money back), your local consignment stores are an option to consider too. Typically the consignment stores will sell your things and take a percentage of the profit. Here in Arizona, there are several consignment stores that carry only designer or high-end clothes and accessories. Of course, if you don’t want to “pay a percentage” you can certainly take photographs and post it yourself on various apps like OfferUp or (one of my favorites) the Marketplace on Facebook.


How often do we think about our budget? For me, I will say pretty much every day – “think about it”. Do you find that you tend to focus on your budget more when you are trying to gather extra funds for … oh maybe a vacation, a new kitchen renovation or maybe a big purchase like a car or a home?

I think we all look for ways to cut back on our spending but a lot of the times it is difficult to pinpoint where we are overspending. I would say, me personally, tend to spend a lot on FOOD … dining out, carry out or drive-thru. These purchases are almost always unplanned or in my budget and for whatever reason, I always tend to overlook at how much I actually spend on food. As I continue to incorporate this declutter and purging process, I am able to visually identify areas where I could “possibly” cut back or at least recognize some of my unnecessary spending habits throughout the various areas of my home. I have found items that I have purchased and either have never used and/or never returned; purchased on impulse and wished I never bought it or the worst …. forgot I already purchased an item and now I have a duplicate of. Yeah, I either really liked this item or had a moment of brain loss. This process may help you think before purchasing an item that you may not really need. I also think that when you start to clean and organize all areas of your home, you create a system that limits where you can put things away and, therefore, it may help in curbing overspending. I’ve also tried to incorporate an “overnight” time-frame before purchasing. If you give yourself time to think about it (let’s say overnight) … sometimes you realize you really don’t need it – or for me, don’t feel like driving back to the store to get it!

I hope I inspired you to incorporate an annual resolution to a New Year decluttering clean-out process! As you continue to follow me, I will show you my other organizing tips that will actually help cut back on overspending! Don’t forget to follow me on my blog, check-out and subscribe to my YouTube videos, and connect with me on Instagram!

Until next time …. Happy Cleaning!

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