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Hi Friends!

With the industry recognizing the value of home staging, I am thankful every day that I have this opportunity to do what I am most passionate about … home staging and interior decorating! Today, let me take you on one of my home staging tours!

Thank you Karen and Joe for asking me to stage your lovely home in Phoenix, AZ.  It is a beautiful home all on its own, but since Karen and Joe moved their furnishings out, they needed to bring in some “warmth” to the home – and that, my friends, is where home staging comes into play.

It had a grand entrance with beautiful marble floors as you walk directly in the living room.  My first thought was to create an open feel as you walked into the entrance.  I didn’t want anything to obstruct the view from the double front doors through to the French doors that went directly into the back of the home.  The marble floors were accented with small black granite squares that matched the counters throughout the home. 

In this AFTER photo, we are facing the back of the home.  I wanted to incorporate hues of blues, grays and creams into the furnishings and décor.  I started with an 8’x10’ floor rug that was accented with a filigree design in gray, black, cream and blue.  I used these beautiful blue velvet nailhead accent chairs in front of the French doors – this allowed a clear view from the front door into the back of the home.  I placed a large cream linen nailhead sofa with throw pillows in creams and navy adjacent to the fireplace.  In the center is this large square glass coffee table accented with silver and gold to keep the view open and clear. For the coffee table centerpiece, I created a vignette on a leather tray accented with nailheads to tie everything together.

We staged the kitchen with small accents throughout and set place settings at the island.  By staging the island with place settings and two bar stools, it shows the Buyer that there is additional seating in the kitchen.  Had this not been staged this way, it would just look like a working island that everyone would have to stand around.  The magic of what home staging can demonstrate!

My favorite part of this home is the circular dining room.  It screamed a round dining table!  I absolutely love glass round dining tables as a focal point in dining rooms.  They create such an elegance to a room.  I chose these gray Regent Upholstered dining chairs to tie in with the black chandelier in the center.  A classic and large orchid as a centerpiece is all that is needed here.

To see more of this home staging tour – check out this short video of the before and after of this staging on my YouTube channel by following this link.

What do you think? Do you think Home Staging matters? Have you ever had your home staged?

I hope you enjoyed this home staging tour! I have another home staging tour coming up next week of a newly renovated home that is just as beautiful. Be sure to follow us on YouTube and Instagram to see the amazing transformation!

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