My Closet Project – Reorganize, Downsize and Create a “Boutique Style” Design – Part 1

I have been inspired after watching a few YouTubers online to reorganize, downsize and create a boutique-style closet.  What makes it “boutique-style”? It is all in the way you display your clothes and accessories to mimic that of what you see in a boutique.  What I love about this style, too, is that you minimize your things down to your favorites – creating a spacious and clear view of everything you own.

I wish I could be one of those amazing people who only require ten clothing items in their closet, but I cannot and I don’t think I ever will. Even though I cannot be a minimalist, I am fascinated with the concept and I know that I have more than enough. There are many things in my closet that I haven’t worn in years! My goal is to not only be able to see everything that I have at a glance, but to only have the things that I love and actually wear. As retirement is just around the corner for me, I need to start being budget conscious, so this will not be just a cleaning process but an actual change in my lifestyle. I’m very excited about this change! (I know my husband will be too!).

Now, in order to create this boutique look, I have to create some open spaces where I can display things. And to create the open spaces …. you guessed it … I have to purge and declutter! I will admit that downsizing my closet has taken several rounds of purging – I guess, it took me years to get it this way!  If minimizing is new to you (as it is to me) just know that it’s not going to happen overnight and it is not easy to do it all in one step!

I have many things that are, you know, in the “just in case” pile … just in case I go back to the corporate world, just in case I get skinny again, just in case I gain weight, just in case I travel to Colorado and it’s snowing or Hawaii where it is tropical … oh, I could go on and on for the excuses as to why I hang on to things. But today, it is …..

I am on my third round of downsizing and after sifting through everything (and trying on everything – ugh!), I have successfully purged a significant amount of clothes, purses, belts, scarves and shoes. I will probably still do this a couple more times, but I was very proud of myself to have emptied almost a quarter of my closet! Enough to even put a dresser inside!

Once I cleared this amazing space in my closet, my next step was to design the look I wanted to create. Just to let you know, my closet is your typical standard walk-in closet with painted shelves and regular rods for hanging – nothing fancy! I wasn’t looking to renovate or tear anything down. Although I love those beautiful built-in closet units … I’m on a budget and am only looking to reorganize, update and work with what I have. Although my closet is a walk-in closet, it isn’t that big either, AND I also share it with my husband. This is another reason why it was important for me to purge. I needed to remove the things that I no longer wore which was taking up valuable real estate in my closet. With every project, I like to draw out a plan on my sketchpad. This helps me visualize where things will go before I physically move them.

Now to get started – I know I want everything out in the open where I can either see it or definitely have easy access to. I used to put everything in baskets, bins and dust bags. While that kept all of my things under control, it also kept everything hidden. I, personally, would end up using the same purse (whether it matched my outfit or not) because I didn’t feel like rummaging through dust bags of purses to find one that went with an outfit I was wearing. This time around, I want to SEE everything. I want to be able to just grab the purse or shoes that goes with my outfit!

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I was always very organized even with the excessive amounts of clothes and the limited amount of closet space, but I want it to look more uniformed this time. I decided to differentiate the categories of clothing by their hangers. I found these clear acrylic hangers on Amazon and although

I like the velvet ones in this same style for my tops, I thought these acrylic ones would be so pretty for my dresses. I learned from my mother to meticulously care for my clothes and I have most of my dresses, blouses and jackets protected with clothes protectors.

These skirt hangers are great for my shorts and skirts (also from Amazon) and they also don’t leave that metal imprint that some hangers do. I love how the white stands out and it looks so clean and crisp!

I used black velvet hangers, that I bought in bulk at Costco for my tops (which I categorized from sleeveless, short-sleeved to long-sleeve tops). I used wooden suit hangers for my jackets and blazers and padded satin hangers for my heavy sweater jackets. I love how everything looks so uniformed. By removing a lot of the excess clothes that I didn’t wear, my closet no longer looks crammed and there is actually space between the hangers!

I decided to add this sliding clothes rod so I have a place to either hang my outfit for the day or when I am gathering items for a trip. It was super easy to install and I love having it. I’m not sure what I did without it all these years!

I have a set of 5 built-in shelves on the left half of my closet space – remember these are those painted shelves. I added this gorgeous gold damask contact paper to the sides and back of each shelf section. It changed the look and made “my side” of the closet look very feminine. After adding my perfume bottles, trays and decor … I absolutely love how it turned out!

I know not everyone has a bedroom-sized spacing for their closets, so I wanted to show you how you can make a smaller closet look and feel like a boutique too. For me, a bigger closet would only invite unnecessary spending just to fill it up. My goal was to get a handle of what I owned and actually love and use everything in it. With my closet so organized, I now can see everything and easily access everything! No more rummaging … or worse, using the same 20% of my things because I didn’t want to hunt things down.

I hope I gave you some inspiration to reorganize or just clear some closet space! I will end Part 1 of this closet reorganization here. I have more exciting things that I will be adding to this closet and can’t wait to show you the final tour in Part 2!

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