My DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay 

Can you believe it is already time for Thanksgiving? This year just FLEW by!!

Every year I try to change up my Thanksgiving tablescape and this year is no different. The past couple of years I had a more “glamorous” Thanksgiving tablescape. You can see what I did last year in my YouTube video (link: There was a lot of bling, and I have to admit, it was gorgeous and I loved it! But …..

This year I want to be a little more subtle. I also found these adorable white pumpkins online at the Factory Direct Craft and wanted to incorporate them in a new centerpiece.

I will show you how I created my Fall centerpiece simply by arranging and layering a tray with pumpkins, a few variations of greenery, stem sprays and flowers. It is so easy and the outcome is stunning! Okay – let’s get started!

I found this faux leather tray with brass nailheads in my staging inventory and thought this would be perfect for my base. It has some weight to it, it is big enough to fill and yet not too high that you can still sit and have a conversation over it. You can definitely find similar trays like this on Amazon, Home Goods or the At Home store. Instead of a tray, you could also use an elongated bowl, large glass plate or a rectangle basket. The options are endless.

Now, I like to add greenery first at the bottom of the arrangement – although I will be inserting more greenery and florals as we go along, this will create a “bed” for the pumpkins. My first layer of greenery will be these Eucalyptus spray stems that I found on Amazon. You will see there are many variations of Eucalyptus, but I like these because of the way they flow easily and I’ll be able to drape them along the edge of the tray nicely.

When working with stems and/or sprays, you can keep everything intact or you can cut them as you see fit. I will be cutting these branches so they aren’t too long or too bulky in the middle where they will meet. Just get your wire cutter and clip them apart and then you can throw away the excess center branch.

So here is what my first layer looks like ….

I decided to add this little white dish/tray on top of the Eucalyptus. This will give me a flat surface for my center pumpkins as well as an area to conceal and tuck in the other stems and sprays that I will be adding.

Next I will add the white pumpkins that I showed you earlier and these pretty pumpkin sprays I also purchased from Factory Direct Craft. I love that they have a variety of colors all on one stem. You have the green eucalyptus, brown pinecones, white flowers and pumpkins and then the leaves add a touch of blush pink. I will be placing one of these on one end of the tray and two on the other end. I’ll place the medium and small pumpkins in two corners diagonally across from each other. Make sure you create a natural flow with these pumpkins – as if they were just tossed in the tray naturally.

Note: If you are planning on making this a permanent centerpiece, you can hot glue the pieces with each layer as we are doing this. I may have to add some double-sided tape on a couple of the smaller pumpkins so they stay on their side. You have to play around with them until you like how they look.

Next, we’re going to add a new variety of Eucalyptus. These are a fuller spray and have the soft sage-colored green leaves. I found these at Hobby Lobby. I’ve placed them on each of the long sides of the tray. I tucked them in further under the white center tray.

We’re going to also add one last variety of Eucalyptus (the more familiar looking variety) – for now, just one on each end of the arrangement. We’ll be tucking a couple more once we put the flowers in.

I have also entwined these gold and white metallic berry sprays (which I also bought from Factory Direct Craft) on three of the corners. I like to spread the stems apart a little and weave them in and through the blush pink leaves.

Here is where we are with the arrangement now ….

Now we can add the flowers. Because you have enough of the greenery, it is okay to add white flowers with the white pumpkins, but if you want to add more color, a delicate blush pink flower would be nice here as well to accent the blush pink leaves. I am adding these white roses. I wanted to add hydrangeas, but the ones I have were too large and would have overpowered my pumpkins and the pumpkins are really the main attraction. We can tuck these in around the arrangement. I ended up using 4 of these roses which I purchased online from Save on Crafts.

As you can see, I have also added a couple more of the traditional Eucalyptus with the roses on the long sides of the tray to make the roses pop.

Here is the completed centerpiece. I placed, center stage, this beautiful large ceramic pumpkin I found at Home Goods last year. I love the “Blessed” etched in gold on it. The gold stem also picks up the gold berries in the berry sprays and ties in with the gold specks on the runner … and yes, you can mix your metals up to 3 different kinds!

If you know me and my table settings, I love lights, candles and sparkle … even when it is “toned down” lol! Since this is a lower centerpiece, I decided to use these tealights all around the table. I did add a few tapered candles, six to be exact, to add a little bit of height, but not to obstruct any views.

And here is my 2019 Thanksgiving tablescape ….

I have a couple more things I think I will be adding, but I didn’t get them here in time for this post: glistening fairy lights to the centerpiece and silver name card holders in the shape of maple leaves. I also don’t put out the silverware or glassware until the day before, but I’ll post after everything gets into place on Instagram so you can see it.

What did you think? Looks simple, right? I hope I inspired you to create your own DIY centerpiece this year. I always love to hear from you guys – so please share with me your Fall cnterpiece or tablescape designs! What did you do this year?

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