My MUST HAVE Hair Products and Accessories

Today I want to share with you guys some of my absolute MUST HAVE hair products and accessories. I know this is a little side-tracked from the interior design and organization blogs that I normally do. I was thinking, while I organize various areas of my home, why not share some really great products that I actually use, love and can vouch that really work?!

I understand everyone has different hair types and issues, but I’ve discovered that these work for ME and my hair type (thin, fine and highlighted). If you struggle to find products that work for the same, maybe you will find these work for you too! The great thing is that these products also help all hair types.

Please note that I am NOT an affiliate or sponsor for any of these products, I am simply sharing because I use and love them personally!

PRODUCT #1:             UNITE 7Seconds Condition/Detangler

I discovered this product while desperately searching on the internet for something that will keep me from damaging and snapping my fine, thin, tangly hair every time I washed it!  I have tried many detanglers – some were too heavy for my fine hair and I found they made my hair oily.  This product is very lightweight, and after spraying a few spritzes, I am able to comb through my wet hair with ease and without breaking or damaging it!  Let me add … the fragrance is amazing!!  You can purchase this at Sephora, Macy’s or Amazon and it runs about $29 for an 8 oz. bottle.

PRODUCT #2:             UNITE Finishing Texure Hair Spray

As I was ordering the detangler I decided to try one of their other products.  I fell in love with how this sprays … it puts a light hold without being sticky.  Again, when you have thin and fine hair, weighty hairsprays tend to make your hair appear greasy and flat.  I will say the only negative of this product is if you have a specific style that you want to keep in place, this spray has a tendency to give out a lot of “air” and will move your hair.  I like to spray this underneath my hair to give it a lift.

PRODUCT #3:             It’s a 10 – Keratin Collection

This product line is unbelievable!! I was introduced to the deep conditioner from my hair stylist.  I fell in love with the fragrance of the conditioner, but I also noticed how soft and strong my hair felt after leaving the salon.  I learned that the Keratin collection has “keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, sweet almond oil and Chinese leaf” which, again, is great for thin, fine and highlighted hair.  I decided to try the shampoo and the leave-in conditioner too.  They were just as amazing as the deep conditioner! The shampoo helps protect from sun damage, preserves hair color and protects from thermal styling.  The leaving-in conditioner helps strengthen and adds moisture to brittle hair.  I am so impressed, I will be trying other products from this line.

PRODUCT #4:  Big Sexy Hair – Powder Play

Another fabulous product introduced from my hair stylist.  I originally tried using this to give my hair more volume when I teased it.  As my hair started to thin (which unfortunately does as you age) I stopped teasing it, but now I actually use this in between the layers of my hair, shake it and fluff it out for amazing volume without any teasing!  I can’t be without it and I always have a few bottles for back-up so I never run out.   I have tried other volumizing hair powders, but I keep coming back to the Powder Play as it creates the most volume and that second day “dirty hair” texture that holds hairstyles all day long.

PRODUCT #5:   Ball Tip Rounder Brushes by Brushstrokes

My hair stylist uses these brushes in his salon on all of his clients. I noticed that my hair dries in such a short time.  This brush actually helps aerate your hair while you are blow drying it and cuts your drying time in half! It doesn’t pull or cause wet hair to snap and it is super lightweight so your arms don’t get tired while drying and styling. Other round brushes have bristles that pull and make my hair super staticky.  It comes in three sizes, but I bought the large ($5.39) and medium ($5.49) size, but I mostly use the large.  The extra large size runs about $6.39.  This is a great hair accessory for all hair types.   I have looked everywhere for these brushes and have only been able to find them at Sally Beauty.

PRODUCT #6: Hair Clips Galore

For those of you with thin and fine hair, you know that it isn’t easy to get volume, let alone make it stay all day! I have a tendency to wear my hair up a lot. This helps to create a lift and give me that volume that I love. I found these adorable hair clips at Ross. They are so fun!! So many cute patterns, crystals and pearls in all shapes and sizes. At $3.99 per set, you can stockpile for all occasions!

Well I hope you found this blog useful and/or informative.  I love sharing my favorite products, gadgets and awesome finds.  Truth is, I get tired of trying so many different products, spending so much money and only to be disappointed. So if you have any products that you can’t live without, please share in the comments below!

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