• Blue Tablescape – Inspired by Kate Spade

    Hi Everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy through these crazy times!

    I thought I’d take a break from organizing and decluttering and do a fun tablescape design.  My inspiration was the moment I saw this gorgeous Kate Spade New York Birch Way place setting – specifically the salad plate! I fell in love with the rich blue color and the gold rim … it literally called my name. 

    Truth is, I have been thinking of painting an accent wall in the kitchen a rich navy blue. There is something about having blue on your walls. If it is a lighter blue hue, it tends to bring a calmness in the area, and if it is a darker blue hue, it creates a rich, sophisticated aura. I had hoped to have painted the wall before I did this tablescape – that would have looked stunning … oh well, when I do get it painted, I will repost on Instagram for you guys!

    In creating this tablescape, I will go step-by-step so you can see each layer and what I used to create the place setting. I will also show you what I used for my centerpiece to tie everything together. Okay – let’s get started!

    I had a place setting design already in mind the moment I saw these gorgeous Kate Spade Birch Way salad plates.  They have a very elegant “feel” to them so I wanted to create an elegant tablescape. It was natural for me to start with my ZGallerie mirror chargers. I have to say, these are my favorite chargers, they really do bring on such a glamorous presence. I have noticed that ZGallerie stopped selling these online but I have seen similar ones on various websites such as Webstaurant and Lions Deal.

    Next, I purchased these simple round woven placemats from Pier 1.  With the stores going out of business nationwide, I did get a pretty good deal on these.  I also envisioned these to match pretty closely to the flowers on the Birch Way plates … and they did!  These are a pretty common style of placemats and even though you can no longer get them at Pier 1, you can always find them on Amazon.

    For the next layer, I am using these Reef Glass chargers in white that I also purchased from ZGallerie a few years ago.  Again, to keep everything connected, I felt these would complement the petals on the Birch Way plates nicely.  Unfortunately, these, too, are no longer available on the ZGallerie website but I found similar ones on Lions Deal and Amazon.

    Next, I am using the Modern Ebony dinner plates that I purchased from Pier 1 last year.  The matte black plays perfectly as a background for the Birch Way salad plates.  I also love the striking combination of black and blue in almost everything. These, too, are no longer available at Pier1, but not to worry … because these are also a common design dinnerware and you can find similar ones at William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and even World Market.

    Finally, the time has come …. I set the Kate Spade Birch Way salad plates at the very top.  So beautiful!  I typically like to place a linen napkin with a statement napkin ring as a final touch on my place settings, but I think in this case – I don’t want anything to obstruct the view of these gorgeous plates. 

    I know I am going a little backwards in creating this tablescape, since I typically do the centerpiece first and then the place settings.  I think I was just getting so excited to see the place setting put together that I started with them first.  Okay, here’s what I did for the centerpiece.

    I wanted to continue with the navy blue color theme by using this navy linen runner.  I got this one a little shorter than some of my others, mostly because I don’t really like when the runner drapes all the way to the end of the table, especially when you have seating at the ends of the table.  This runner is 36” long which is perfect for my 9’ table. I also placed it vertically rather than horizontally.

    I had these 2 gorgeous ginger jars in my staging inventory that I purchased from Down East, a local home décor store in my area.  I used these last year for a home staging.  Yes, my home staging inventory is flexible and I alternate them from my home to my staging and vice versa.  It’s one of the perks of owning your own home staging business.  I absolutely love the substantial presence that these jars have.  They are contemporary and they have that rich navy blue to tie everything together. 

    I put both of these in the center and I’m using one of them as a vase by adding these faux delphinium flowers.  With the height of the delphiniums, I have now created a nice dimension for the centerpiece. 

    As I’m sure you have heard me say in the past, it is best to create a vignette or centerpiece by using odd numbers such as 3 or 5 … so I am adding this beautiful stark white porcelain pineapple.  This brightens the center and pulls the white right off the ginger jars.  Love it!

    As for my final touch … you got it … candles.  If you know me, you know that I always have to have candles on my table settings.  I decided to incorporate these trio set black metal candlesticks. I purchased 2 of these sets from Amazon and added regular tall white tapered candles and put them on each side of the centerpiece.

    I really like how this turned out. I am linking my YouTube Channel for the video of this tablescape.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  What do you think?  Leave me a comment below!

    Simple Disclaimer – I am not an Affiliate or Sponsor any of the companies mentioned in this blog. These are all my own choices and recommendations for you!

    I hope I gave you some inspiring ideas to create a tablescape that you will love to walk by every day!  I have a little time to admire this until it will be time for my Fall tablescape.  I have some really neat ideas for 2020 so I hope you will stay tuned.

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