• FINALLY … Part 2 – Closet Project/Reorganization

    I know this has taken waaaaaaay too long, but I had so many adjustments to make and rearranging and, of course, I wanted the presentation to be perfect for you guys.  Well, after all these months … yes! I’ve FINALLY completed and absolutely love my closet reorganization!

    There are just a few things that I want to point out to you guys of this reorganization journey.  As you know, it took many months, and I will explain why it took so many months ….

    I was decluttering literally every day.  For some reason, I had such a hard time getting rid of some of my clothes … specifically my tops.  My jackets and pants were easy.  I either loved them or I didn’t. I either fit in them or I didn’t. But the tops are like your accents.  They are what really make your outfit.  After working in retail for over 5 years, I had acquired a lot of clothes! 

    I had some pieces that were expensive and I couldn’t help to think “what if” … I can’t buy things like this anymore?  What if I lose weight and need these smaller clothes?  What if I get rid of them and then wish I had them again?  I’m guessing this is how you start thinking when you start to reach retirement age lol!

    Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay

    I decided to go after this at a different angle.  You know how you wear something that you love and you feel absolutely great and confident in it?  I decided that I needed to feel that way with ALL of my clothes.  In order for me to get the full effect though, I had to WEAR each outfit for an entire day.  Not just try them on and then decide in that split second.  I needed to see if it made me “feel” good all day.  Now you can understand why this has taken me so long.  For the past several months, I spent every single day wearing a different outfit from my closet.  At the end of the day, if I still felt great in it, it was a keeper.  If at the end of the day, I was just “meh” … it went into the donation pile. 

    Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay

    Believe it or not, this really worked for me.  It may sound silly, but I would pay close attention to my emotions throughout the day as I wore each outfit.  Have you ever had an outfit that you hated on yourself so much, you couldn’t wait to come home and rip it off?  This process helped me literally attach a mood/feeling to each piece of clothing!  Needless to say, I was able to get rid of a good amount of my clothes.  I had so many pieces that I was “on the fence” with and after going through this process … it made it really easy to make a decision!  My end goal was to love and feel absolutely amazing in every outfit that I created from my closet.

    As I had mentioned in my first part of my closet reorganization, I wanted to create a “boutique” feel for my closet.  As I decluttered so much of my clothes, It opened up my entire closet and I decided to rearrange the entire setup of my clothes too.  For starters, I no longer have a gazillion pairs of dress pants, so I decided to hang them length-wise, which now eliminates that crease I used to get when I hung them folded on hangers. 

    I added this gold glass shelf and created a “shrine” for my one and only Chanel purse lol!  I put an LED strip light above to highlight the Chanel wall art I got from ZGallerie. 

    On each side of the shelf I have these great hanging shoe organizers.  Since I wear mostly flats during the week, these were great in displaying what I have and making them accessible. They also have little mesh pockets on the sides where I now like to keep my belts that I wear most often.  On the other end of this rack are all of my dresses.

    Above on this side of my closet, I have my medium heel shoes, winter booties and tall boots.  I have minimized this group to what I only actually wear. Again, so nice to see what I have and actually wear all of them. I do have to use my step ladder to get to these, but at 5’2″ I pretty much have to use a step ladder to get to most things anyways, so not really a problem!

    I added a little sitting area with a fur bench and found these Chanel watercolor wall art on Etsy that I put in mirrored frames.  I also added a couple of floating shelves above where I keep my larger handbags.  The one floating shelf is really neat because it has a built-in light (battery-operated) and it highlights the Louis Vuitton wall art that I also got from ZGallerie.

    Now on to the other side . . .

    After clearing almost 1/4 of my closet space when I decluttered the first time, I decided to move my blouses to the bottom section of this closet next to my skirts. I removed the long closet rod and put in this shorter one. The mirrored box below holds my fancy clutch purses.

    I think I mentioned this dresser in my first part of my closet reorganization, but it is an Ikea dresser that I purchased from a Seller on Offerup for $80.  In these drawers I have my scarves, some of my bulky cardigans and dressy boleros, shorts and bathing suits, my light spring sweaters, and all of my jewelry, sunglasses and watches that I have organized in segmented cases.

    I added these really pretty gold and acrylic drawer pulls to the dresser to give the simple front of the Ikea dresser a fancier finish.

    On top of the dresser I have displayed some of my larger jewelry pieces.  I love, love, love the lights that I added above this dresser! They are the same LED strip lights that I have incorporated throughout the closet. They are rechargeable (so no batteries!), come with a remote and are really bright and they definitely brighten up the areas that I want to highlight.

    The top hanging rack is used for my sweaters and jackets.  I divided my jackets into three sections: blazers; vests and light jackets; and faux fur jackets.  In between the jackets I put these hanging shelf organizers.  These are really great!  The top shelf of these organizers are perfect to display my smaller purses.  Each shelf organizer holds my bulkier sweaters and I have them color coordinated with my tan sweaters, gray/black sweaters and my cream sweaters.  My last shelf organizer has my tunic sweaters and sweater dresses which I don’t like to hang. 

    On the top shelf on this wall, I put four large plastic bins that I got from Target. They work well to hold my sweatshirts, sweatpants and hoodies.  I hung a shelf for my large and hard-to-store hats and put additional handbags and my carry-on suitcase where I can see them.

    To the very far left of the closet I displayed additional handbags. The boxes above have my cosmetic bags and travel kits that I don’t need regularly. I added a few smaller LED strip lights to highlight the shelves which give it that boutique feel. 

    There really is something to be said of clearing out clutter!  I had so many things that I didn’t even wear and having to rummage through all that every time I was getting ready was very time consuming and stressful! It is so much easier now deciding what to wear ~ I doubt I will ever become a minimalist, but it makes sense to just have what you need and use.

    I hope I gave you some inspiring ideas to help organize your closet! Let me know if there are any items that I shared that you would like to purchase – I will be happy to send you a link (I am not sponsored by any companies mentioned). What was your favorite part? Leave me a comment below!

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