Step #1 – Home Staging Your Occupied Home

So you have decided to sell your home . . . .

As you look around, you begin to reminisce of the fond memories this home has brought you and your family.  From the many dinner conversations at the dining table, to all the wonderful friends and family gatherings that took place in your living room … this has been an Awesome home!

There is no doubt that many people get mixed emotions when moving and selling their home.  Whether you have outgrown this home or you are now “Empty Nesters”, your home holds a lot of history and memories.  Whatever your reason, you have decided to sell your home … you are moving and it is time to pack!

As you start the packing process, you amaze yourself with how much “stuff” you have accumulated over such a short period of time.  We all do it!  Sometimes it is overwhelming, especially when you are having to pack it all.  “Where do I start?”

Fortunately, you have several options:

    •      You could stage the home yourself!
    •      You could do nothing and “wing” it! 

Being a Professional Home Stager AND a Realtor, I would be comfortable to suggest the first two options, but I am going to STRONGLY advise against the last option (unless you aren’t in a hurry to sell your home)!  So let’s say you decide to stage your home yourself.  You got this!  I will help you master the concept of “staging” your home into a Model Home!

For starters, it is important to understand that in this day and age, EVERYTHING we see is on the internet.  What does that have to do with selling your home?  Whether your home is posted on Zillow, Redfin, ARMLS or any of the other real estate websites, Buyers are looking for their dream homes on their computer FIRST.

It is absolutely critical that the photos you have of your home online is attracting the Buyer!  If a Buyer has either called or come to view your home, you have successfully passed “Part 1” of their First Impression process – which is standing out from the other photos on MLS.

Because you posted amazing photos of your staged home, your potential Buyer now wants to see more!  You see?  You got THEIR foot in YOUR door!  That is “Part 2” of the First Impression process.  It is not to say, that if you didn’t stage your home that they wouldn’t still come, but staging definitely made you stand out!

 Here’s a thought . . .

What do YOU think when you look on MLS and see a home that is staged and then one that is not?

Now that we understand that staging your home will:  (1) make you stand out with amazing photos for the MLS; and (2) capture the Buyer’s first impression to want to see more — let’s go to Step #1 of the home staging process.

STEP #1:


First things first — clear the clutter!  You have been comfortable in your home for years, but now you want to make it appealing to your potential Buyer.

Grab a few of your moving boxes and label them as follows:


Now, start sorting your things into these boxes.  Don’t let this phase overwhelm you.  Think of it as part of your moving process.  You don’t want to have to move all of this “extra” stuff into the new home do you?

If you have sorted and, hopefully, removed the TOSS and GOODWILL boxes to their appropriate destinations, you are ready to continue the Decluttering process which is to “depersonalize”.  What does that mean?  Basically, you are removing all of your personal items out of the home.

As a Buyer walks into your home, you want them to envision themselves living in your home.  If you have all of your personal items, photos and collections throughout the home, well … that distracts and clouds their vision (if that makes sense).

So, start packing these wonderful and memorable items:

Family photos

Personal Collections

Yikes!  That’s a collection!!

Okay!  If you have done all of the above suggestions, Fantastic! … you have officially completed Step #1 of the Home Staging process and you are now ready for Step #2!

Although Step #1 is probably the hardest part of the entire home staging process and the most time consuming, it is definitely the most cleansing part.  This step will help you detach yourself from your home and get it ready to go on the market!

I hope you got something out of today’s post!  I’ll see you next week when I go further into the Home Staging Process with Step #2 – To Color or Not to Color.

Have a great week and …

Happy Staging!


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