Step #4 – Accessories – A Necessity!

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Today we are going to finalize our Steps in the Home Staging process!

Here is Step #4 – Accessories  

FINALLY  … my favorite part of staging – It is time to accessorize!  This is not only a super important step – but where your creativity comes shining through.  This step is where your home and all its furnishings come together, where the colors pop and when everything comes to life!

For my stagings, I typically have several vignettes throughout the home.  My base vignette settings are in the form of trio arrangements.  You can, of course, add additional pieces should there be gaps or if it just needs “something else” to make it complete.  Here are some examples of my vignettes:



As you can see, most of the vignettes are set in threes.  Here’s my typical setup:  I take one tall item (whether it is a lamp, candle or plant), a horizontal item(s) [for the bathroom it would be towels, otherwise it can be books, or decorative box, etc.] and your third piece would be a medium item that sits on top of the horizontal item(s) or an item that is a medium height to come between your horizontal and tall items – hope that made sense and didn’t make your head spin!

Let me show you an example of an arrangement I might do for a coffee table:  I would take a large tray, lay a few hardbound books, and maybe set on top of the books a decorative sphere or a small plant and then place a tall candle or lantern behind.  In the photo to the left, I did a tall candle, medium plant and a large rattan sphere:


Let’s try another:  On a nightstand arrangement – your lamp would be the tall item in the back and then I would place maybe a clock or something small and add a medium-sized item like a plant – and there’s your trio!  Pretty easy, right?


Of course, there are TONS of variations in doing this and there are no “set” rules.  This is just an example of how I like to start my base setup when I create a vignette for a nightstand, coffee table or maybe a side table in a staging.

One of my favorite places to create a vignette arrangement is in the kitchen!  You can have either a coffee, wine or maybe even a martini setting!  Here’s a coffee setup I did (this is a vignette with more than three pieces):  I took a large tray and placed a French press as my tall item, I then added two espresso coffee cup and saucer sets in front and then for my third piece I added a small bag of coffee – I accented it with a little plant and linen to fill that “gap” since the tray was so large.  See what I did though?  When you look at this – how do you “feel”?  A warm and cozy morning having a cup of coffee in your NEW HOME and/or NEW KITCHEN!  That’s what we want you to create – so when a Buyer comes in – that is what they feel!

TADA!  This is what Home Staging is ALLLLLLL about!

Now, let’s finish Step #4 by talking about the actual accessories you’ll want to use in your staging.  Whether you are staging a vacant home or your occupied home, you’ll need decor.  I’m sure you already know, there are a gazillion places where you can purchase home decor and accessories.  Besides stores like ZGallerie, Pier 1, Crate and Barrel or even Home Goods (where I am literally like a kid in a candy store!!), there are also online stores like Wayfair, Ballard Designs, Joss&Main and much more.  Truth is, some of my favorite places to find awesome decor is at consignment stores, flea markets, yard sales or even the local marketplace on your Facebook!  As they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – so true, and since I like to restore things, it is also a lot of fun!

It doesn’t take a lot to update your occupied home, nor do you need to spend a fortune to do so, but it IS a necessity when staging.  My number 1 tip and key accessory would be pillows … lots of pillows!  In most homes, we actually USE our pillows and after several years, well – they tend to look worn.  So, whether you replace them from your couch, add them to your accent chairs or load them up on your beds, it is amazing how pillows can update your home while creating a warm and comfort “feel” to your home!

Other accessories that are great for updating are new and fluffy towels, candles and greenery.  When staging your home, believe it or not, it IS an art: you want to add accessories, but not too much; you want to add color, but not go crazy; and you want to bring in a style but not one that is too specific.  There is a definite difference between Home Staging and Home Decorating.

You now have a general idea of the home staging process.  Hopefully my ideas and information helped you understand the actual goal of staging a home.

Follow me and you’ll find in my future blogs more “in-depth” tips on home staging, lots more DIY projects and even some fun ideas for the upcoming Holidays!  See you soon, until then ….

Happy Staging!

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