• A Short Intermission

    Hi Guys!

    I know … I owe you guys my Part 2 of my Closet Reorganization – I just have a couple more things I need to complete before I can show you the final tour but I promise it is coming soon!! I just want it to be perfect before I show you!

    BUT … in the meantime, I thought I would give you a quick intermission blog and show you guys what I did to my powder room while we wait … You see, I can never just sit around and wait, so I started a NEW project. Truth is, I probably have about 5 or 6 projects going on at the same time, all the time, in my house!

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    Let me show you what I did to my powder room. I am so in love with how it turned out!!! First of all, I wanted to give this powder room a little “Parisian” flare but I also wanted it to be a little dramatic.

    Although I originally wanted to paint the walls black, my hubby was a little nervous with how dark that would turn out so I painted the walls in the Behr Magnet Gray instead. I did, however, decide to put various accents of black in the powder room instead. I found this super soft black fur rug on Amazon. I love that it is not only a nice size, but it is luxurious and not like the typical nylon-blend fur rugs you tend to find for bathrooms. I also decided to create an accent wall that would also incorporate some black into the room. I chose this beautiful black embossed damask wallpaper that I found on Amazon. It has a little silver shimmer with some three-dimensional glitter highlights on it. It took a little longer to have delivered, but it was certainly worth the wait! It is gorgeous and even more so in person!! Absolutely stunning on the wall!

    On the bottom portion of my accent wall, I wanted to add some stripes but I didn’t want just ordinary black and white stripes. I found this black and white gray striped wallpaper that I also found on Amazon, and it worked perfectly with the damask wallpaper above. A side note, the photo was what I ordered, but if you look at the photo of my powder room wall, it varied slightly, but it still had the look I was going for so it worked! This paper took a little while too, but again, you can’t find these in the stores so it was worth it to wait a few weeks.

    I finished this accent wall by adding a white railing that I purchased from Home Depot. I chose to hang the railing higher than the standard chair rail height mainly because I didn’t want the railing to be aligned with the sink and with these 14′ ceilings, it could handle the higher height.

    Okay – now for my favorite part of the whole powder room ….

    This gorgeous mirror!! I originally purchased this on OfferUp. If you know me, you know that I love to refurbish things I purchase from other Sellers on Offerup. You can find so many amazing things. This is what the mirror originally looked like. Although it was still just as beautiful before, it had more gold tones and even some brown wood tones coming through underneath. I immediately had a vision of how I wanted this mirror to look like and I couldn’t wait to get started …

    So I put the mirror on some old bookshelves, I taped the mirror edge and started painting with a light gray chalk paint. To be honest, I had never done this before and when I actually started painting it, I was getting overwhelmed with all the intricate details of this mirror. I did have to use a few different brushes so that I could cover everything and get into the crevices and curves of the design. After I finished the first coat, I let it dry for an hour. It ended up being too light gray that I thought it wouldn’t show enough depth of the intricate details. I decided to add a darker coat for the base since the lighter gray didn’t turn out like I had hoped. This time I mixed an acrylic paint FolkArt Brushed Metal Paint in pale silver and added a couple drops of the Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in the black shade. It turned into this beautiful shade resembling that of gun metal with a charcoal gray/silver tone – this was exactly what I wanted!

    Once that coat dried, I decided to go over the entire mirror with just the pale silver acrylic paint. I used a damp flour cloth and just lightly brushed over all the raised details of the mirror and highlighted it with the silver. The final result (a little blurry) …. but you can definitely see how gorgeous it turned out!

    I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results! So here is the final look put together ….

    I am absolutely in love! I can’t help myself, but when I pass this powder room, I have to turn on the light just to admire this mirror!

    Well I hope I inspired you to try some fun DIY projects! Don’t be afraid to bring out your creative side!! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!