• How I Created My Blush Pink Sitting Area

    After 35 years of marriage and over 6 homes that we have lived in, I have always decorated our master bedroom more on the masculine side … meaning, no flowers, neutral colors and no fluff. We moved into our current home about 3 years ago and I decided that THIS home … we are going to fluff up the master bedroom!

    Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 

    To be honest, I am not really a “pinkie” person, but I love the combination of rose gold and blush pink that seems to be everywhere. I decided to still be conservative and sophisticated with this new color change. I also decided to do this slowly so as to not completely shock my husband lol!

    I started with some blush pink pillows and a throw on the bed. Whew! That went unnoticed. I then added some fur and a crystal fan. Still good … no complaints.

    I brought in some pink chairs for our sitting area. Got a little push back … you know, “who’s going to sit there?” …. ummmm me, when I want to read. Actually, my plan was strictly for interior design reasons. I love to read in my bed or on the living room couch BUT when you walk into my master bedroom the sitting area is front and center. I had to create a WOW impression upon entering the master bedroom.

    My husband had to travel to San Diego for a few days … well, that is when I typically change things around the house … when he travels! I think I do these major projects when he isn’t home because I am not expected to have dinner on the table … I can actually eat at 10pm if I want to! So on to my project without any interruptions! I had already ordered wallpaper awhile back and the moment I got home from work I got started!

    Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay 

    The wallpaper I found is beautiful! It is contemporary with a blush pink marble background and geometric rose gold foiling throughout. It was subtle enough but still had an impact. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put it on all 3 walls of the sitting area or just the accent wall. I went for the accent wall. I have three windows on this wall … let me just say, windows and wallpaper are not easy, and it took me the entire evening to do that ONE wall but I love how it turned out!

    I posted a photo of it on Instagram and funny, my husband commented “hey, is that OUR room?” …

    I decided I would paint the other 2 walls. I was thinking it would be too busy if I put this wallpaper in the entire sitting area. I found this perfect paint color at Home Depot – Stolen Kiss by Behr Marquee to match the wallpaper.

    I was so excited as to how it turned out! It is pink … without being pink (if that makes any sense) and accents the wallpaper nicely.

    As you enter the sitting area, the walls bump out about a foot on each side. I thought it would have a dramatic look if I added these gorgeous sconces that I found at ZGallerie on the ends. These are super huge and the glass has a slight amber tint which could be passed off as a blush pink, just stunning!

    Now, into the sitting area … the one “pink” thing that turned my husband’s head were these gorgeous Blush Evie accent chairs I purchased from Pier 1. I love the style of these chairs, contemporary with a touch of mid-century modern.

    I then added these fur pillows that I also got from Pier 1. I purchased similar ones from ZGallerie (24×24) that are on my bed, but I found these smaller ones (18×18) worked better for the accent chairs.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE mirrors and especially large floor mirrors. I already had this mirror (Mongstad) that I purchased from Ikea. My daughter thinks it might look better with a silver mirror … what do you guys think? I may end up switching this out, but for now, I am going to use this one.

    Next, I found this table from a Seller on Offerup. Although I would have liked the marble to be real, it is just a marble “vinyl”. I liked the design of the base and I am thinking maybe, down the road, I may replace the top with a real marble top.

    On top of the accent table I put this beautiful silver mosaic vase I purchased from Pier 1. I bought this awhile ago, but I think you can still buy this at Pier 1. I then added a dozen faux long stem white Delphiniums. With the height of the vase and the flowers, this creates a beautiful elongated image in front of the mirror which is very elegant!

    I couldn’t decide if I wanted a coffee table or a large ottoman in the center front. After adding the accent table, I didn’t want two tables in front of each other, so I opted for an ottoman. I fell in love with this cream faux leather ottoman that I found on Overstock! So many beautiful features – from the tuft top, to the nailheads and the acrylic legs are uniquely glamorous! Perfection!!

    I topped it off with the Corseca fur throw I purchased from ZGallerie that matches the pillows on both the accent chairs and my bed.

    Finally, I chose this Nourison Aloha Floral rug I found on Overstock. I didn’t want to put a pink rug here since that would wash out my adorable accent chairs and that would have also been too much pink … even for me. This rug has some grays to accent the silver table, cream to match the walls in front of the sitting area and a touch of blush pink to tie everything together.

    There is ONE more thing that I plan on doing, but didn’t get to at the time of this blog. I actually have to hire an electrician to run a box/wiring for a chandelier in the center ceiling. I, of course, already have the chandelier and I can’t wait to get it up there!! This is what I purchased from a Seller on Offerup – brand new in the box! It is the perfect sized chandelier since the spacing in this area really can’t handle a large chandelier, but I really wanted the crystals and “glam” added. As soon as I get this installed, I will post photos on my instagram.

    So the end result (less chandelier) of my new sitting area? Here it is …… the chandelier will definitely complete this area, don’t you think?

    I hope you were inspired to create your cozy sitting area in your home. I would love to hear from you guys! What did you think? Which feature did you like best? Stay tuned for the other half of the “pink” master bedroom!

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