• Six of My Favorite Gadgets … You Have to Check Out!

    Hi Friends!

    I have compiled for you some of my favorite gadgets that I have grown to absolutely love! Not sure how I lived without some of these, but I wanted to share with you my great finds! Here are six of them to start you off ….

    Gadget #1: Electric Eraser

    OMG! Okay, you may think this is ridiculous, but this electric eraser is so much fun and I actually use it often! I draw a lot of floor plans and room design sketches and I always wear out the erasers that come with the standard pencils. I found this amazing gadget at our local Japanese Daiso dollar store! If you are here in the Phoenix area, the store is called “Cutie” and it is located in Cave Creek. I loved these adorable electric erasers so much that I went back and bought every last one of them off the shelf. I’m thinking this might be a great Instagram giveaway or maybe a giveaway for an upcoming video or blog. You guys HAVE to try it! They also sell the refills that you can purchase separately and they include the regular eraser refills as well as the more abrasive erasers for erasing ink. Definitely a conversation piece, but absolutely functional too!

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    Gadget #2: Rolling Drying Rack

    This doesn’t look like a big deal, but I am so glad that I have it and I use it every single day. This is the Over-the-Sink Rolling Drying Rack that I found on Amazon. I have 2 sinks in my kitchen and I just leave it sitting over the left sink. I use it for drying dishes that are still wet from the dishwasher that I don’t feel like wiping and it is also great for those items that are “hand wash only”. There are so many uses for this … I also use it for washing vegetables, draining my plant pots, you can even use it as a cooling rack or trivet. It is super sturdy, it is silicone coated steel, and comes in a few different colors and sizes. I chose the gray one. The other nice thing about this is that you can roll it up and tuck it under your sink when you aren’t using it or don’t want to leave it out. Super cool!

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    Gadget #3: Clorox Toiletwand

    Some of you guys may already know of this gadget, but I actually discovered this in my mom’s bathroom. The Clorox Toiletwand, which you can get on Amazon, is under $10! An awesome concept for those of us who hate cleaning toilets! They come in this nice compact and sleek container. The refill cleaning attachments go in the back compartment and the handle sits in the front. So you attach the cleaning sponge to the end of the handle, clean the toilet and there is a blue button that you push that ejects the sponge into your trash can! You never have to touch anything, and you don’t have that yucky toilet water sitting in the brush holder … clean, simple and I love it! My son told me he actually doesn’t mind cleaning the toilet because it is so easy … now that, alone, is worth buying one for every bathroom in your house! You can also get the Clorox toiletwand sponge refills separately and in bulk also on Amazon.

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    Gadget #4: mDesign Plastic Lazy Susan

    I know the lazy susan isn’t really a “new” gadget find or concept, but there are other lazy susans out there and they just aren’t as nice as the mDesign. I found a 2-pack of these mDesign lazy susans on Amazon. Let me just say, these are much sturdier than most plastic lazy susans and they really do look a lot nicer. It also has a high 3″ edge which keeps things from falling out – if you go crazy and spin it too fast lol! You can even get one that is 2-tiered, but they were too high for any of my cabinets, otherwise I would have gotten them too. Where do I use mine? I literally use them everywhere! I use a couple in my spice cabinet for my dry season grinders (I’ll share those next time – but a side tip, they have the best mixed spice seasonings that come in glass grinders at Home Goods). I have another one under my sink for my cleaning supplies. This makes life so much easier since I have a ginormous RO water system tank underneath my sink and very limited space. Let’s see, I have one in my laundry room for my floor cleaning products and rollers for my steamer, etc. I recently put one under my sink in the master bathroom for my hair products that I use regularly. I am telling you this has been a game changer for me. Everything at your finger tips with just a quick spin!

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    Gadget #5: Car Battery Charger

    I was out one afternoon in a “not so nice area” where my car decided to die! Aside from the regular oil change and tire rotations, I am not one to pay attention to the lifespan of my car battery. Sadly, I had a set of jumper cables in my car, but have no clue how to use them. Not to mention, I would have had to find another vehicle to hook it up to! I guess I always figured that if I had car troubles, I had a cell phone to call my husband … which is what I did that afternoon. So my husband decided to buy me this nifty battery charger. It is the Winplus 12v Car Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank that you can purchase at Costco. It is nice because (1) you don’t have to find someone with a vehicle, especially if you are not in a safe environment and (2) you just hook it up, push a button and done! Car has been restarted!

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    Gadget #6: NIMB

    I thought I would add the NIMB ring, since we are on the topic of safety. I discovered this online one day. This is a very attractive ring with an incredible function. It comes in black or white and you order it in your specific ring size. It works by first pairing the NIMB with your phone. You then select your “responder team” of friends and family to be connected through their app. There is a button at the bottom of the ring. When you hold the button for 3 secs it alerts friends and family (that you have selected for your team) that you are in need of help. There is a monthly charge to set it up to First Responders but you can just use the app to connect with your friends and family. I haven’t had to use it yet, but as a Realtor, I wear it as a back-up in addition to having another person with me at my Open Houses.

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    I hope you enjoyed these fun gadgets – I will post more great gadget finds in some upcoming blogs. Have you discovered some great gadgets? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!! Stay connected with me on Instagram and YouTube.